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Fortnite 10.40 Update Available to Download with Starry Suburbs, Double XP Weekend and More

The “secret” behind Fortnite’s success is the fact that Epic Games is constantly rolling out updates for the Battle Royale. Fortnite players never get bored of the game because the developers are always introducing new features, buffs/nerfs and software changes that are making the gameplay feel exciting and fresh. With that said, it should come as no surprise that Fortnite has just received a new update which sports the 10.40 version number.

Fortnite 10.40 – Full Patch Notes

The new update for Fortnite come with lots of important game changes and we are advising everyone who enjoys playing the Battle Royale to make sure to download it as soon as possible. Now, let’s go ahead and check out the full patch notes for the update in order to see how the gameplay will change.

Weapons + Items

  • Explosive Batarang
  • Added an audio visualizer icon for proximity beeping.

Shield Bubble

  • Shield Bubbles will bounce off other players when thrown at them.


  • Bouncer
  • Rare trap.
  • Drops in stacks of 3.
  • Found from Supply Drops, Vending Machines, Llamas, and Floor Loot.
  • Can be placed on floors, walls, or ramps/stairs.
  • Provides a jump boost in a direction perpendicular to its placement.
  • Enabled the Batman Grapnel Gun and Explosive Batarang in Arena and Tournament playlists.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue in which the Health bars of vehicles would not display.
  • When a Junk Rift object hits a player wearing a Bush, it will no longer damage the player instead of the Bush.
  • Using a Grapnel Gun to enter a Rift Zone will no longer prevent players from moving around while skydiving.
  • Resolved an issue in which players could deploy a Glider while in prop form.
  • Being in prop form no longer prevents players from being affected by the Explosive Batarang’s homing.
  • Explosive Batarangs will no longer float in the air after the object they are on is destroyed.
  • Resolved an issue in which the Zapper Trap would not deploy at the location of the placement preview.
  • Shield Bubbles attached to a Supply Drop will no longer disappear after the Supply Drop is destroyed.
  • Shield Bubbles can no longer prevent fall damage.
  • Shield Bubbles can no longer become stuck in the air.
  • Resolved an issue in which Shield Bubbles would not attach to a vehicle when thrown by a player riding the vehicle.


  • Double XP Weekend!
  • Make this weekend double the fun. From Friday, September 27 at 9 AM ET to Monday, September 30 at 9 AM ET, you’ll earn double the XP for the matches you play.


  • We’ve introduced improved matchmaking logic to core modes.
  • Players are now more likely to match with those of similar skill.
  • As players get better, so should their opponents.
  • We will slowly roll this out to core modes in all regions as we test and monitor how it performs.
  • Please see our blog post for more details.
  • New Sensitivity and Aim Assist settings on controllers.
  • For the details of these settings, please refer to our blog post.
  • Note: When using these settings, crosshairs turn red while pointed at a target that is within effective range, which is anytime before damage drop-off is applied.


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