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Fortnite 10.31 Patch Brings Party Hub and Many Other Novelties

Fortnite 10.31 patch include Party Hub and more features ready for all the players out there. The developers prepared new significant updates, promising to let users get a wholly unique experience. Epic Games launched a brand-new update, the Fortnite 10.31 patch. The features are now available on all devices. Unfortunately, the developers didn’t bring any new items with this week patch. The good thing is that players can try the new Party Hub option.

What can we expect from Party Hub?

The developers brought this feature for players who want to maintain their friendship status. Imagine having a close-talk with other users that you enjoy playing — everything like that in one place. Practically, developers wanted to make from this feature, Party Hub, a location to connect with your friends as you get ready to access Fornite. The feature is great because it also allows you to check if your friends are online. You can create a party with them and what is more significant is an option which lets you speak on a chat.

What else is new in Fortnite 10.31 patch?

Well, this recent update succeeds to resolve any issues encountered. Star Wand and AC/DC Pickaxes now face the planned mass of damage, and ziplines have been re-enabled, too. As Epic Games described the issue, the bug ”could give players an unintended effect.” Developers also made some improvements for Storm Circle to not ends anymore at the areas such as Tilted Town, Greasy Grove, Retail Row, and Moisty Palms.

Epic Games gives us a full list of details and features on their website. There is a whole section about the Party Hub as well. Also, we must remember that there are still a few weeks left of Fortnite Season 10. We still have time to finish any leading tasks, including Team Spirit challenges from last week.



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