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Five Ways Vegeta can Beat Goku during a One on One Battle

Ever since the beginning, when Vegeta was introduced in Dragon Ball Z, he always had been weaker than Goku. This has always been an unbearable thought for Vegeta since he is the Prince of all Saiyans and Goku is “just a low-class soldier”. Even though Vegeta hates Goku, surpassing him has become a life goal.

Even if Goku has always been “one step in front” of Vegeta in terms of power, the Saiyan Prince never lost a one-on-one battle against the one he’s always calling ‘Kakarot’. The two mighty Saiyans fought twice, and we can consider that Vegeta won at least once. The outcome of the other fight was more like a draw. But raw strength isn’t always the key factor for winning a battle, and we have at least five reasons to believe that Vegeta is capable of defeating Goku once again in a fair fight.

5. Aiming for the weak spot of any man

Any Saiyan has the weakness of losing all of his strength if someone squeezes his tail. It would have been a good idea to grab Goku’s tail if he still had one. But neither Goku or Vegeta have their tails anymore since they were cut off. Thus, the only weak spot of Goku is the one any other man has: getting hit “under the belt”. One strong punch or kick of Vegeta right into Goku’s crotch could knock him out for sure. This move is even more devastating than the Final Flash, and it’s weird that we’ve never seen it performed against Goku.

4. Not letting Goku powering up

When any Dragon Ball character is getting ready to engage in a tough battle, he needs several seconds or even minutes to power up. Vegeta can arrive at Goku already powered up and not letting his opponent gather his energy. Of course, this would be a cowardly move from Vegeta, and we never expect him to act like that, but it would surely be a winning ticket for the Saiyan Prince if he does it.

3. Asking the Eternal Dragon to steal Goku’s power

The Eternal Dragon can grant any wish, so he should be able to steal a fighter’s power if someone asks him to do it. Therefore, by gathering all the seven dragon balls in no time using his wife’s dragon radar, Vegeta could ask the Eternal Dragon to bring Goku at the level of the farmer with the shotgun that was killed by Raditz in the beginning of Dragon Ball Z.

2. Fighting more aggressively

Goku is indeed stronger than Vegeta, but the Saiyan Prince fights with much more anger and doesn’t forgive his opponents as Goku did many times. This aggression in battle can tremendously help Vegeta to defeat Goku, even though there’s a significant gap in strength between the two warriors. Vegeta fighting aggressively is more like a signature feature of the Saiyan Prince.

Of course, you could say that Goku can turn Ultra Instinct, and Vegeta wouldn’t stand a chance anymore. But nobody’s sure that Goku can bring up that form again. Let’s not forget that he didn’t use it against Broly in the 2018 movie, a production that continued the story after Tournament Of Power from the Dragon Ball Super anime.

1. Goku hitting Bulma before

Of course, we would never expect Goku to hit anybody deliberately since he is a kind and gentle guy, despite his taste for fighting powerful opponents. Furthermore, Goku and Bulma were friends since the first episode of the first Dragon Ball series, when the Saiyan hero was just a goofy kid. But who knows how things will unfold in the future – maybe a diabolical entity will possess Goku’s mind and tell him to hit his friends, including Bulma.

We’ve seen from the battle against Beerus that Vegeta unleashes a power never seen before if his wife gets hit even slightly. Beerus slapped Bulma, and that was more than enough for the Saiyan Prince to teach some manners into the God Of Destruction. So we believe this is the best way that Vegeta can beat any Dragon Ball character ever made, including his long rival Goku. If anybody hits Bulma, he’s doomed and shall suffer the wrath of the Saiyan Prince.

Or to make it even easier: someone could simply lie to Vegeta that his wife was hit by Goku. Vegeta wouldn’t search for proof, especially that he wouldn’t miss an opportunity to beat up Goku.



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