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Five Online Freebies You Can’t Afford to Miss

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We all like getting free stuff when we can – and there have never been so many opportunities to get hold of it as there are today. Sure, you have to invest a little time and effort but when you see just what the rewards could be you’ll be sure to think it’s worth it.

First up is getting yourself onto the Amazon Vine program. If you’ve never heard of this, it’s a forum for the site’s most trusted reviewers to give unbiased reviews of new products and gadgets when they’re released and, in exchange, you get the stuff for free. The only issue is getting on the program. Amazon don’t set hard and fast rules but if you’re a regular reviewer and write useful and insightful reviews of your orders then you could well get the call.

Recommending friends has always been a reliable way of qualifying for free gifts. But how many of us have enough friends to make this an effective way to make real savings? The answer could be to find a company with an affiliate program and advertising your referral link on a Google Adwords post. Now this will have a small cost, but it’s negligible compared when you compare it with the rewards that it’s potentially going to bring you.

In the competitive world of online casinos, all of the big players are striving to get in as many players as possible and keep them playing. Bonus spins are a traditional welcome offer used by brands and these effectively let you play on your favorite slots for free. There are so many online casinos vying for your attention that one of the best places to search for the very best offers is to visit an affiliate site where you can compare the different offers available and click through to claim them in minutes.

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If travel’s your bag then there’s a super simple way to jump-start a travelers’ rewards program and that’s by signing up for an airline’s credit card. It’s a question of choosing the right one for you but many of them offer huge signing up bonuses that can amount to a free economy flight, or even better. You might have to meet an initial spending requirement to use your free offer but if you use the card for items you’re going to have to pay for anyway then it’s no expense at all.

If you use your cellphone to make a lot of calls each month then you could be in danger of going over your contract allowance, and that could start to cost. So a great alternative is to download the Talkatone app. This lets you make internet calls to other cellphones and even landlines to friends, family or co-workers who don’t have the app themselves. And it’s not just phone calls that it can handle – you can send SMS messages too.

So there you have them – five great ways to get something for (almost) nothing. And there are plenty more opportunities just waiting for you too, it’s just a question of finding them.



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