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Firefox Reality Browser (Daydream) Version 1.3.1: Get from 2D to 3D in No Time

For those of you who want the best and the newest content from out there, you can get (and then love) the Virtual Reality headsets that are coming for us from Firefox Reality.

This browser comes with a secure, open, and accessible way for every user to surf the net and explore the web. It comes with high-quality videos, sharp text, a smoother transition from 2D to 3D in the immersive modes. Firefox Reality is really what you need right now if you enjoy the VR life,

Firefox Reality is a browser that was built for virtual reality. You will use it entirely inside a VR headset. You can do pretty much anything, from visiting URLs to searching content and you don’t even need to move that mouse anymore. You will just need your VR hand controller.

This incredible browser is now available on the Viveport, Daydream and Oculus platforms. It was made to run on the latest mobile handsets, as well, such as Lenovo Mirage Solo and Oculus Go.

What’s new with this version?

The team behind the browser has added the Japanese language input method and keyboard.

They have also enabled casting on Vive Focus Plus.

When you want to exit the immersive mode, you will find the browser window right in front of you, on the screen.

They did some virtual fixes for both Daydream and Vive Focus Plus controllers.

They also made sure to fix the issues with regards to stability and quality.

It has voice search, so it is really very easy for you to browse the internet.

All commands, such as text-input, navigation, and the environment have been built particularly for virtual reality.



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