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Final Fantasy XIV Receives A New Patch That Adds New Features And Improvements

Square Enix has released a new patch for the popular Final Fantasy XIV MMORPG. The new 5.2 update, which is known formally as Echoes of a Fallen Star, comes with a wealth of fresh content for players. The new patch comes in the aftermath of a successful release of the third expansion published for the game.

Shadowbringers was released earlier in 2019 and was praised by a large number of critics and fans as it managed to refresh the game with the introduction of fresh jobs (classes) locations, quests, and much more. Released in October 2019, the 5.1 patch brought an overhauled crafting mechanic, with many players loving the fact that it is now easier to collect materials and craft useful items during the endgame.

Within the same patch, players also gained the chance to explore the first raid connected to the Nier: Automata universe, which offered a worthy challenge for 24 brave players. According to some sources, the latest patch is quite large, and a significant amount of time will be needed to download the new files. Below you can find a list of curated highlights.

Final Fantasy XIV Receives New Features And Improvements Via The Newest Update

Players who enjoyed the main scenario quests introduced by Shadowbringers will be happy to learn that there is more to do as the Warrior of Darkness and the Scions of the Seventh Dawn may return home if the Crystal Exarch is willing to help them.

A new raid is available in the form of Eden’s Verse, the second entry in the Eden raid series. A formidable foe will test even the most skilled teams in normal and savage difficulty settings. Harness the power of the Trust system or call your guild and venture into the new Anamnesis Anyder Dungeon, which offers a worthy adventure that should evaluate your cooperation skills. The Ruby Weapon awaits new challengers in the Cinder Drift trial.

Fishers will enjoy fresh content in the form of a ship that takes them over the high seas. High rewards are available for those who make a record catch, including boons for all the players aboard the ship.



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