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Final Fantasy VII Remake: Tifa’s Dynamic Theme Free on PS4

If you are a Final Fantasy VII Remake fan, take a seat and read this article. A new dynamic theme of the game is available for the PS 4 console. However, one thing that makes this theme different is the fact that it is free! And most people love things that are free of charge.

Thanks to Square Enix, Tifa’s dynamic theme is now available on the North American and the European PlayStation Store. Lucky Final Fantasy VII Remake fans!

Although the the dynamic theme is the latest addition from Square Enix, it was seen a few months ago as well. The new theme features a chill, Tifa. Tifa’s dynamic theme was part of the Ferrero’s Butterfinger promotion. However, it is now available for free. Therefore, you don’t need to be interested in the chocolate to ‘taste’ the new dynamic theme.

The latest dynamic theme shows Tifa star gazing. Besides the beautiful starry night sky, some rocky mountains can be seen in the background as well. It is a lovely animation that also features custom music and icons. Plus, among all the free PlayStation Store dynamic themes, Tifa’s is one of the best. Go ahead and try it out yourself!

Why the hurry? There is no information on how long Tifa’s dynamic theme will stay around. There doesn’t seem to be any time limit at the moment. Therefore, the new theme should remain available for the time being. However, you never know. So check it out!

Plus, there is another dynamic theme featuring cloud that is free of charge. This animated theme is available for free for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Similar to Tifa’s theme, it can be found on the North American and the European PlayStation Store.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake video game can be played on the PS 4 platform.



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