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FIFA 21: The Developers Reveal New Exciting Gameplay Features

We all have to be honest and admit that FIFA 20 has some serious flaws. The gameplay is sluggish and unrealistic, making the player lose matches regardless of how good he is. It’s not something new at all from EA SPORTS to make a FIFA game that’s really enjoyable and another one that it can make you throw your monitor out the window.

FIFA 21 is on its way for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC. It arrives on October 8 for these platforms, a month later than the usual release date of FIFA games. Furthermore, FIFA 21 will also be running on the next-generation consoles PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X after they arrive to the stores in December.

Better than FIFA 20?

This is perhaps the most asked question among FIFA fans. We won’t know for sure until we’ll play the game, but the recently announced features surely sound attractive:

Fundamentals of Football: This allows manual headers, more intelligent passing, more balanced blocking, and increased responsiveness for more control on and off the ball.

Competitor Mode: This mode gives the opposition a better approach for skill moves, dribbling types, and tactics. This gives the player a more challenging and rewarding opponent for matching up with while playing at Legendary and Ultimate difficulty.

Agile Dribbling: Faster footwork gives the player more control and responsiveness for one-on-one situations. There are new skill moves like the bridge dribble and ball roll fake turn.

Creative Runs: This gives the player new options for influencing the team’s movement off the ball, and it revolutionizes attacking build-up play. Thus, there will be more ways to break down the defense.

Smoother Encounters: battles for possession in the midfield, goalmouth scrambles, and attacking duels are announced to be resolved more naturally than ever before. This means smoother encounters between players.

Positioning Personality: World-class forwards will hold their runs and do their best for not being caught offside, playmakers will look for space to operate between the lines, and the best defenders will close down passing lanes more efficiently so that the opposition will create much fewer opportunities.

If you’re also tired of Messi and Ronaldo, FIFA 21 seems to be a little different by adding other great footballers as the frontmen. Mbappe and Haaland clearly didn’t win as many trophies and awards as Messi and Ronaldo did, but they have the potential of becoming even better.



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