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FIFA 21 Needs Improvements — Fans Ask For New Features

FIFA 21 wants to add some features which will become a big part of the game. Will they take into account their fans’ opinions? The game needs some improvement.

Improvements with the career mode

Fans asked for improvements when it comes to career mode. They want an introduction to the latest transfer. Since ceremonies are no longer part of the game, fans are waiting for Award ceremonies, for example. For the best FIFA player. They want a redefined version of the Career mode, and we think it is not a bad idea.

Cross-platform in FIFA 21

As you know already, FIFA is an e-sports simulation, and everyone enjoys it, but they are all playing on the same platform, and this needs to be changed. For a better game, we need cross-platform to happen. Everyone can benefit from this.

The level of competition is based on ranks and seasons division wise. In order to make more of the competition, players from different platforms should just appear in one. The competition makes the experience better. There’s also better matchmaking because no one likes to wait a lot of time for a match. This process would be easier on cross-platform.

Perhaps the most annoying this with FIFA is the referee blown the whistle out of the blue. Most of the time, it happens when you are on the counter-attack, almost getting that most-wanted goal. But out of the blue, you see the whistle, and everything falls apart. FIFA should change this.

The Glitches in FIFA 20 to Be Solved in FIFA 21

There are so many glitches and errors with the servers. The connection gets lost more often than it should. You lose valuable points, and the result is unfair. This also needs to be fixed.

The New Goalkeeper Mode

FIFA has included many house rules in FIFA 19, like headers and volleys. But when it comes to the goalkeeper, things are different, and the gameplay is different, too. By building this new mode in FIFA 21, the fans will be even more excited for the game.



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