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FIFA 2020 1.05 Update Available for PC with New Gameplay Changes

EA Sports has released a fresh update for FIFA 2020, the most recent entry in the series. Patch 1.05, which is called Title Update 4 by the studio, is now available for the PC version of the game, and it will arrive on the consoles in a few days.

The studio likes to release PC updates early, in an attempt to observe if everything goes as expected, since releasing patches for the console versions is a bit more complicated. Microsoft and Sony will verify and validate the updates before they are released globally, and if something goes wrong the update will be delayed until all the potential flaws will be fixed.

According to the patch notes, several fixes and gameplay improvements will be included, including some much-needed changes for the Career Mode. Below you can find a selection of highlights from the patch notes.

Gameplay changes

The Legendary AI difficulty is now more challenging after several improvements. AI opponents will are better at marking players who use Strife Dribbling, will use defensive maneuvers against the opposing ball carrier, and the pass logic is now more effective.

Changes to Skill Moves

The Body Feint Skill Move will be more responsive when it is used while staying still

Only 5 Star Move Skill players can perform the advanced Rainbow.

The new Heel Chop Turn Skill Move combo can be combined with other Skill Moves.

An own goal in King of the Hill, when the goal is not worth any points, will allow the opponent to attempt a corner kick.

Fixed the following bugs:

In some cases, offside calls were incorrect since the player who was called offside was not in play.

In some cases, the goalkeeper wanted to dive even if it wasn’t necessary.

Incorrect animations were shown in some cases during contested heading and passing situations.

The complete patch notes can be found on the official website.



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