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FIFA 20: Update 13 Patch Notes are Here – Long Awaited Changes

FIFA 20 has offered plenty of satisfying moments to the players, and the future is also looking bright. After Copa Libertadores, many leagues throughout the world, realistic players skills, realistic faces for players, and many more, now it’s time to see what the new update 13 is bringing to the game.

Improvements for online matches, bug fixes, and more are included in the update 13. But let’s take a closer look:


There were made the following changes:

  • Increased precision of magnitude of analog stick inputs during online matches.
  • Reduced sprint sensitivity.
  • Players will no longer make contextual grabbing animations while being in a Jockey state.

Following issues were fixed:

  • After a Skill Move and while in possession of the ball, players would sometimes make a tackle instead of a requested shot.
  • A ball boy taking too much time to return the ball for a throw-in.


The following changes were made:

The ping bars remain on the lobby screen and they represent the values:

  • 5 bars mean 30 milliseconds or less.
  • 4 bars mean 31 – 76 milliseconds.
  • 3 bars mean 77 – 100 milliseconds.
  • 2 bars mean 101 – 150 milliseconds.
  • 1 bar means 150 milliseconds or more.
  • Added a Traits tab to the Player Details pop up, thus detailing all of the Traits that the selected Player Item has.

Addressed the following issue:

  • Level 30 Seasonal Objective Player Item rewards were wrong displaying an out of contracts icon.

Career Mode

Addressed the following issues:

  • Several elements of the Premier League presentation package remained on-screen during gameplay.
  • Removed misplaced text on CONMEBOL related News stories.


Made the following change:

  • Removed celebrations while running.


  • Updates for many kits.

All of these improvements and perhaps even more can be found in the update 13 of FIFA 20. The sequel of the game, namely FIFA 21, will arrive most-likely during September, and it’s expected to bring along a series of new features and new leagues to the famous FIFA franchise.



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