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FIFA 20 Update 1.06 is Now Available with New Features

A new update is available for FIFA 2020, and it is accompanied by a new FIFA Ultimate Team TOTW lineup change. Players will have the download the latest patch before they can see the players who are available this week.

Within the patch notes released for the update, the developers note that the feedback offered by players was very important, and it played a big role in many of the changes which were implemented.

Below you can find a selection of highlights from the patch notes.

General Gameplay changes.

When possession of the ball is lost and the transition to Drop Back Defensive Tactic begins, the defending team will no longer apply pressure on the attacking team. The change will allow the offensive player to enjoy more space after the ball is recovered.

Strikers who have been set to Come Back on Defense Player Instructions will not come to the defensive midfield line if the maximum number of allowed players has been achieved. For four defender formation, the limit on the midfield line is 4. In the case of 3 and 5 five defender formation the limit on the midfield line is 3.

First-time shots and volleys from the edge of the box and beyond are now effective. Several errors related to the calculation of ball velocity and vertical impact have been fixed.

FIFA Ultimate Team bug fixes

A visual issue which inferred that the controller settings were locked to VOLTA FOOTBAL even if a FUT match was played has been solved. The normal settings were active despite the visual glitch.

Chemistry changes were not displayed properly in the Squad Build Challenge Screen, forcing the player to exit and enter FUT again.

In some cases, FIFA Point options were affected by a bug which displayed an inappropriate currency icon.

The complete patch notes for the 1.06 update can be found on the official website.



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