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FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: Best Ways to Defend, according to a Professional FIFA Player

Let’s face it: not anybody that likes FIFA knows how to defend well, and that statement which says that the best defense is the attack, is simply not true all the time. You may also have an outstanding defense line with players like Hummels, Chiellini, Pavard and Kolarov, but still lack good defense skills.

That’s why you need training in order to know how to defend your net well, or else you’ll be getting plenty of goals. The professional FIFA player Hashtag Shawrey knows exactly how.


One of the best ways of defending is not getting nervous once you got the ball. Take your time to find the right pass to a teammate. You should avoid passing the ball down the middle of the pitch since the opponent team can take your ball and score against you after a counter-attack.

So what’s the solution? You should be using the radar to see which of your teammates are free in more wide areas and use a lofted pass (X/O) to pass the ball to them.

Advanced Jockeying

For doing this, you need to be using LT/RT on your Xbox and L2/R2 on your PS4. First, you’ll get your player in the correct position for a tackle.

By doing advanced jockeying, you will have plenty of opportunities for movement and keeping up with your opponent’s moves.

Slide Tackling

You should never side tackle from behind because the outcome will be almost always a red card for your team. In fact, you should choose to slide tackle only when you are defending desperately, and a normal tackle wouldn’t get you winning the ball.

Besides all the above advice, remember always to shake hands with the opponents before a match. Football is not war, it should be a fun and interactive way of learning from each other.



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