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FIFA 20 Professional Player Has Been Banned following Racism Fuss

FIFA 20 is, without a doubt making a lot of gamers happy since it has been launched. Released back at the end of September, the game is already hugely popular for football games simulation fans and not only. But misunderstandings and fights can always occur between players online, and it could all generate in a nasty ban. This is also the case now.

A popular FIFA 20 professional player named Jas Singh has been banned for threatening his competitor nicknamed Nawiid110 or GoalMachine. Singh defends himself by saying that the other guy racially insulted him. Singh was temporarily banned on November 16 from playing in FIFA 20 season.

Next major event of FIFA 20 is held in Bucharest, Romania

FIFA 20’s second major event will take place on November 22-24 in Bucharest, Romania (Eastern Europe). It’s called the FUT Champions Cup Stage II. It takes a lot of effort for a FIFA player to qualify in such a stage, and Singh knows that very well.

Singh has been racially insulted by his fellow competitor, or at least that’s how he interpreted the situation:

He said things like I’ll shave your beard, I’ll shave your head,

As you guys know I’m a practicing Sikh so that sort of thing isn’t a light joke. That’s a really racial insult… I took that very angrily and I responded to it angrily.

Singh even posted a tweet where he explains the entire situation furthermore:

The other guy involved in the fuss, ‘GoalMachine’, received an even more serious punishment. He was suspended from the next two major FIFA 20 tournaments.

Singh is a top player

Since early 2018, Jas Singh has been one of the top FIFA players from the world. He finished an incredible 3-4th place with Chelsea, while playing in the ePremierLeague 2019. After that, his new team was the rival West Ham United.

Who’s right and who’s wrong? Is it worth being banned for a situation like this? Some people treat such situations as a joke, while others view them in a much more serious way. What is your opinion?



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