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FIFA 20: Over 50% Discount for the World’s most Popular Football Simulation Game

The last installment from the FIFA series is reaching more and more people, giving plenty of football fans the chance to lead their favorite teams to glory. With FIFA 20 you can compete in European championships, struggle to promote in a higher league, face the world champion France in a powerful clash with your national team, and many more. This years’ FIFA game brings all that, but even new challenges and competitions – one of them is the Romanian league, which has very interesting teams like CFR Cluj or FCSB (aka Steaua Bucharest).

But new Black Friday deals are giving us the chance to get FIFA 20 at a much lower price than usual – more than 50% discount, which means more than affordable for anyone.

Only $27 at Walmart

Walmart is the world’s leading hypermarket, and it can bring you FIFA 20 at the price of only $27 for both Xbox One and PS4 consoles. Unfortunately, there seems to be no PC or Switch version of the FIFA 20 discounted on Walmart for Black Friday, but let’s be honest: the Nintendo Switch version has, anyway, plenty of shortcomings comparing to the other versions.

Walmart’s Black Friday price will be available for online purchasing starting the evening of November 27 at 7 PM PT / 10 PM ET. You can also take advantage of the offer by getting it in physical stores on Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

The PC version

Whether you are one of those gamers who believe that PC is always better than a console, or you don’t want to spend some extra cash because you already have your gaming PC, it’s good to know that a PC version for FIFA 20 is also available for the Black Friday discount. You can buy it via EA’s official Origin Black Friday sale for only $30.

Also, it’s good to know that Amazon also offers a similar Black Friday discount for FIFA 20, but don’t expect it to be anywhere cheaper.



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