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FIFA 20: How Jamie Vardy Ruined the Market

Jamie Vardy is one of the best English strikers, both in reality and in video games. He won the Premier League with Leicester while shocking the whole world back in 2016, he was the decisive man in plenty of matches, and he’s now once again the main goalscorer from the English Premier League with 10 goals in 11 matches.

EA Sports released to us a Player of the Month version of Jamie Vardy’s card into FIFA 20 Ultimate Team. This is practically Vardy’s usual card but with better skills. But the main problem was that EA released the card for the game via an ultra-cheap Squad Building Challenge.

Vardy is incredibly cheap

Therefore, you only need to spend around 20,000 coins, handle a thousand or two, to buy the cards needed to complete the deal. And Jamie Vardy Player of the Month card, which has a great 86 overall rating, is an awesome deal. Some people have even called this the best value SBC in the history of FIFA.

Is that enough for you to try and purchase Jamie Vardy? He seems to be the perfect striker – he’s fast, he also plays for the National Team of England, he has been playing at the highest level possible, and he’s a natural-born scoring machine. With a guy like him in your team, you could win Champions League, the title from your country, get plenty of individual rewards, or compete with your national team in a major competition like the World Cup or the European Championship. Vardy debuted for his national team back in 2015, and since then, he scored 7 goals in 26 matches.

For those who don’t know, Ultimate Team means Squad Building Challenges, which is known as SBCs that involve creating a squad with cards you already have. Usually, you can solve the SBC easily by some puzzle-solving maneuver.



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