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FIFA 20: EA SPORTS Reveals Secret Tips to Improve Your Gameplay

Without a doubt, FIFA 20 is among the best football simulation games out there, if not simply the best. With rosters of players and even the skills of the players themselves being adapted to the ones from the real world, newly added leagues like the Romanian Liga 1, and improved gameplay compared to the previous titles from the series, FIFA 20 has conquered the hearts of many football fans.

In order to make your gameplay better, EA SPORTS, the publisher of FIFA 20, decided to reveal to us a series of tips and tricks. Therefore, feel free to use them for your team so you’ll be winning more matches and trophies:

Strafe Dribble

Players can sprint exit out of the Strafe Dribble mode. And that exit can be made faster if you have in your team players with high agility, balance, and dribbling skills. However, you can lose the ball if you’re not careful enough.

Team pressure

Some football coaches believe that attacking constantly is the best defense, and plenty of FIFA players are applying the principle in their matches. But is it really always a good idea? The truth is, it may have some negative impact on your team, especially if you don’t master another way of defending. Your opponent could score by using a counter-attack. Remember that it’s theoretically possible to lose a game even when your opponent has 30% possession of the ball.

Control passing

Passing is a primordial part of any football game. If your passing lacks quality, you’re pretty much doomed even if Zlatan Ibrahimovic is playing for your team.

If you want to better control your pass direction, a controller setting called the Late Pass Receiver Lock can do the trick for you. The Early Pass Receiver will establish your pass direction sooner than the Late control.


It’s tempting, especially for beginners, to use passing buttons to head the ball clear when defending. But for much more effective clearance, you should use the shot button instead. However, we must say that striking the ball as hard and high as you can is not a very professional way of getting rid of the opponent’s pressure. You should try a counter-attack, instead.

The developers of FIFA 20 had revealed these tips and more, but it’s only up to you how good you will be applying them in your gameplay.



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