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FIFA 20: EA Sports Is Mocking Mesut Ozil

There are specialists who are saying that EA Sports is not really fair when it comes to adding the right skills and overall for the players from FIFA series. But also, there are players who in real life are showing great signs of downfall, and yet EA Sports prefers to be stubborn and overrate them.

Mesut Ozil doesn’t fit in any of those two categories. The former World Champion with Germany’s National Team in 2014 doesn’t have a good season at his current club Arsenal London. He was sold to the Premier League after three glorious years in Real Madrid’s t-shirt. He’s at the 6th season for Arsenal, and he’s barely making it into the first eleven line-up. Even worse, during the 10 Premier League matches from the current season, the German footballer had only a single appearance.

EA Sports is making fun of Ozil

Along with FIFA 20, EA Sports have introduced the Ultimate Team (FUT) mode in-keeping with the Halloween spirit, and they’ve named it ‘Ultimate Scream’. But when adding Ozil’s new ‘Scream Card’ for FIFA 20’s Halloween mode, the player has been labeled as a “ghost”.

This is clearly a mocking done by EA Sports, suggesting the fact that the German midfielder is unexistent or invisible for the team since he’s not getting into any line-ups for most of the recent matches. During the last match from Europa League that Arsenal played against Vitoria Guimaraes, Ozil wasn’t even on the list of substitutes. This is pretty sad considering what outstanding footballer the former World Champion has been for many years.

At the World Cup from 2014 in Brazil, Mesut Ozil was lifting the big trophy after a tense final with Argentina. Not to mention what Germany did to the host country Brazil in the semifinals when the Europeans wiped the floor with the Brazilians and defeated them with an out-of-this-world score of 7-1. Ozil played in almost all the minutes from both those matches.

At 31 years old, Mesut Ozil still has time to regain his glory. He is renowned for being a great dribbler, fabulous passer, decisive long shot taker, and a true playmaker. Maybe it’s time for him to go to another team.



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