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FIFA 20: Copa Libertadores is Finally Arriving to the Game

While some people say that nothing is more beautiful than competing in the World Cup or in the European Championship, others are at the same level of excitement when it comes to Copa Libertadores. And there’s no wonder why things are like this since football is extremely popular in South America. Brazil is the nation that holds the world record for the most World Cups in football history: five trophies.

Therefore, it would have been a slight shortcoming if Copa Libertadores will not be present in FIFA 20, and the developers from EA Sports understood this. Thus, the most challenging tournament from South America will be available on FIFA 20 for PC, Xbox One, and PS4 after an update from March 2020. And yes, unfortunately, the owners of the Nintendo Switch will not have the chance of playing in Copa Libertadores on their consoles.

Select your club and start playing

While competing in Copa Libertadores, you can choose any club you want from the championships of Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, and so on. FIFA 20 will receive an update for the tournament, with all of the licenses and multiple possibilities for the players to enjoy the Conmebol Copa Libertadores: tournament mode, career mode, and even single matches.

Nick Wlodyka, GM, from EA SPORTS, says the following:

Bringing two of the most prestigious continental football tournaments, Conmebol Libertadores and Conmebol Sudamericana, into FIFA 20 is an exciting step forward,

This new partnership with Conmebol bolsters our position as the deepest football experience available as we continue to build the most authentic sports video game for our fans.

Passion, glory, unprecedented football skills, and crazy fans – those are just a few of the wonderful things that a competition like Copa Libertadores gather together. South America has been over the years the main source of footballers for the European clubs to buy, so you can expect only great football from that area of the globe.



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