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Farmville 2: Country Escape 14.3.5072 Update Is Now Available With Some Novelties

Farmville is one of the most iconic titles for many smartphone owners, with millions of downloads. Players have the chance to become the owner of a small arm and to work their way towards a veritable empire as they obtain new fields, buildings, and other valuable. There are a large number of available tasks, among which we can count plowing, planting, harvesting crops, cutting wood, and much more. The fame and revenue of the first title encouraged Zynga, the developer, to release a sequel, which is available as Farmville 2: Country Escape. Read below to learn more about the excellent game.

Farmville 2: Country Escape – Features

  • Work and craft – Craft a selection of tasty foods, like the classic apple pie. Employ your skills to grow and harvest a plentiful crop that offers many useful resources that can be spent on crafting stuff or completing missions.
  • Customize your farm – Customize your farm and highlight your signature style by purchasing your favorite items from the store. A rich collection of items is available.
  • Exploring the world – Enjoy a rich story filled with new adventures and awesome events. Survey the world and look for rare items that are buried within your lands. Sell them for a profit!
  • Lovely animals – Collect and nurture a large number of cute and useful animals that make the farm feel alive. Your farm dog awaits you!
  • Expand and enhance – Manage your farm with care and use the extra resources to purchase new lands and expand your business. Take your time to create a beautiful family farm which can be visited by your friends and family.
  • Trade with friends – Trade resources and chat with friends or other players with the help of built-in social features.

What’s New in Farmville 2: Country Escape 14.3.5072?

The Farmville 2: Country Escape 14.3.5072 update comes with an exciting event. Explore the secrets of Egyptian cooking rituals with Chefscavator Chara and Hieroglyph Horus. Complete the five stages to earn valuable rewards.

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  1. I need to download this game pks tell me how.

  2. I cannot download farmville 2contry escape…what should i do? I need help please i cannot find it in Google play store.

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