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Farm Heroes Saga 5.31.8 Update – New Levels, Content, And Improvements

Hurry up! Rancid the Racoon is trying to ruin the Farm Lands, and he is stealing as many Cropsies as he can. Help the Farm Heroes to get them back. Be the one who saves the day! You have hundreds of levels to solve in order to collect the Cropsies.

You need to match three or more in order to collect them. Plan ahead and get better matches. Get that high score as soon as possible. Explore the farms, and the adventures awaited from the numerous game modes, and make sure you take part in the boss battles with Rancid.

The game comes with many boosters and power-ups which are bound to help you on your way through this adventure. The Hero Mode allows you to earn extra points, which will come in handy in the game. Play the game with your friends and see who can get the highest score on the board. The game is free for everyone, but keep in mind that there are optional in-game items, which require real-life money.

What are the Farm Heroes Saga features?

  • The Hero Mode: you can earn extra points when you have moves you didn’t use.
  • Play the levels and win the magic beans in order to help and activate the Farm Club.
  • Play the Tractor Dash and challenge your friend to collect stars for rewards.
  • There are rechargeable boosters, some special power-ups, and Farm Club animals, which will help you win the levels.
  • The game is quite easy to play, but it is tricky to master.
  • What the leaderboard and see where you stand.
  • You can easily sync the game between devices so you can play everywhere.

What’s new in the Farm Heroes Saga 5.31.8 update?

The team behind the game has made some improvements, which will make your gaming experience more pleasant. New levels are available, as usual. The new Farm Heroes Saga version is available on Google Play Store



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