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Facebook Workplace Update Brings Support To More Employees

Currently, many people work from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. Facebook is among the companies that decided to offer users reliable features. The Facebook Workplace is the company’s solution to support employees worldwide. Recently, it has been updated, and new features are ready to get discovered. Facebook intends to reach all the users’ expectations and bring them permanent support.

Facebook added now a new “Draft for” choice that will let employees draft posts for executives. The executives can publish, approve, and review those posts under their titles in an internal business social network. With such a feature, Facebook intends to streamline the document reviewing and drafting process in a remote mode.

More novelties in the new Facebook Workplace update

Another feature that Facebook also introduced is a way to monitor replies of employees to a series of posts, dubbed “Campaigns.” The messaging analytics tool for internal communications allows businesses to keep up with the sentiment and the engagement of employees. Also, employers can now track how their employees will feel about a particular post, supporting them to enhance the internal messaging.

Other new features include the addition of a new Safety Alerts option. Employers will be able to send standalone safety-related notifications to all the employees. But, such a feature is booked for a later launch, somewhere in June this year.

Moreover, starting today, Facebook Workplace is opening a Q & A event for improving the internal communications. So, the following posts will let employees ask whatever they want in the designated groups. The post format arrives with a down and up-vote feature on comments. If you are interested in joining such an event, you should know that you’re allowed to raise significant concerns among employees in specific sessions. You can also use a new “Care Reaction” for internal updates.



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