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Facebook Will Modify the Stories Feature

The online social media favorite appears to have something new in store for us. Back in 2017, Facebook got inspired by WhatsApp and Instagram’s latest updates and announced its “Stories” feature. Initially, the social networking giant copied Stories from its competition, the social media service Snapchat, and released it as an experimental function for users.

The update was well-received, and users started to enjoy the new Facebook experience quickly. It made them appear closer to their users, as they chose to share different stuff as a 24-hour story. However, it seems that the company is ready to change the way the feature works. Currently, there are some updates under development.

Facebook Changes the Way Stories Work

Reverse-engineer Jane Wong has discovered Facebook’s new plans. She found out how the social networking platform is testing Stories that would last for up to 3 days. Increasing the timeframe of the feature might be good news for some users, especially for influencers or celebrities. Wong has also published a screenshot highlighting the not-so-mysterious now functionality.

Facebook, however, seems to work more on building its business around stories. Back in 2018, the company witnessed significant growth. Facebook Stories proved to be a huge hit. Its probably because of this fact, the social networking giant is searching for new ways to improve interaction. Last year, for example, it announced more than 500 million active users. So, looking for more ways to increase its popularity seems reasonable, after all. Facebook is a massive social platform that deserves more enhanced features.

Facebook Stories is, no doubt, a hugely praised feature among the advertisers. Reports show more than 3 million advertisers have utilized the function to run their businesses. It will be intriguing to see how Facebook will manage to attract more businesses to use its services. However, we’re going to find out more details soon.



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