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Facebook: New Manage Activity tool deletes posts in bulk

Facebook will soon launch a really cool feature for its social media app. The new feature is called Manage Activity. Now, what does this feature do? It simply allows the user to delete individual posts or in bulk. 

You might think this isn’t really necessary, but it could actually come in handy. The new feature has filtering options that will help the user find the right posts. Therefore, deleting your old posts will be easier. The Manage Activity feature will roll out on the mobile platform first.

“Make it easy for you to curate your presence on Facebook to more accurately reflect who you are today,” explains Facebook.

The new feature will help people to get rid of their old embarrassing posts. It will be easier for people to wipe their account clean of their past relationship. How do your collage posts look like?

Manage Activity deleting options

The users will have a few options when deleting their posts. The first option is to send your posts to trash. This will allow the users to change their minds about their posts. However, the posts will remain in the trash for 30 days only. After the deadline, the posts will be completely deleted. But, the user can also delete the posts before the deadline. On the other hand, the posts can also be archived. Keep the ‘old treasures’ just for your eyes, away from the public. Both options will remove the content from the public eye.  

The intention of Facebook is quite clear. The new feature is to give more control to the users over their data. 

Last year, for example, Facebook introduced its Clear History tool. This tool allows the users to disconnect their web browsing data from their social media account. But, this tool did not leave up to people’s expectations. The Clear History tool doesn’t delete the data. All it does is to remove the link between it and your Facebook account.



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