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Facebook Messenger Lite Beta Is Now Available With Some Improvements

History was written more than 16 years ago when a team of students released The Facebook, a social media website that aimed to allow Harvard University students to interact with their peers. In less than one day, more than one thousand people joined the platform. The success of the platform inspired the team to form a company that could handle official business offers and other tasks. Within a year, Facebook attracted more than 1 million users while also securing funding from interested partners.

One of the most significant factors that contributed to the rise of the social media empire was the decision to release dedicated apps for smartphones. Many users did not own a PC or laptop, and the ability to use all the features of the service seamlessly was quite impressive.

The release of the Messenger app offered the ability to interact with Facebook friends in new and exciting ways, but the popular app may not always work on old devices. To tackle this problem, the company decided to release Facebook Messenger Lite.

About the latest Facebook Messenger Lite update?

Facebook Messenger Lite was designed from the ground up with a focus on performance and efficiency. The app will require 10MB of storage space to be installed, and it offers many of the features that made the regular Messenger app a hit.

Users can text friends and family who have a Facebook account instantly and see if they are online or offline. A handy trait is represented by the option to create group chats, which are great when some problems have to be discussed, or decisions need to be taken. Free voice calls can be made while being connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data.

There is also the option to send photos, links, videos, and other funny content that can bring a smile on the face of loved ones. The latest update, Facebook Messenger Lite beta, comes with new performance improvements.



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