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Facebook Messenger Gets the Screen Sharing Feature for Smartphones – How to Use It

If you’re among the 1.3 billion users that are enjoying the Messenger app brought to the world by Facebook, surely you’ll be delighted by today’s news. The social network recently released the screen sharing option for the insanely popular messaging and calling app. It works just as in the case of Zoom or Skype: while you’re in a call, you can access the option for showing to your interlocutor what’s displaying on your screen.

In order for the new feature to be available for you, first you need to have installed the latest version of Facebook Messenger. Therefore, you must take a look into your Play Store or App Store to see if there is any update available for your app.

How to share your screen in Facebook Messenger

While you’re in a call, you need to swipe up from the bottom of your screen for displaying the call options. The next step is just to click “share your screen,” “start sharing,” and ultimately “start broadcast”. It may be annoying a bit, but Facebook might have made the procedure like this so you won’t share anything by mistake. To stop the broadcast, you can simply return to the call.

It’s exciting to try to predict what the new move from Facebook will be when it comes to future updates. There are plenty of online rumors claiming that the social network will be fusing together all its messaging apps into one single entity. If this will turn out to be true, all your discussions from Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger will be found on a single app.

Facebook Messenger has plenty of useful functionalities, including voice messaging, text messaging, file sharing, and so on. Video calling is another one of them, and it’s even among the most important aspects. With the screen sharing option, video calls just made one step further, becoming more comfortable for the users.



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