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Facebook Messenger Update Launched With Some Performance Improvements

History was written more than eleven years ago when the first smartphones arrived on the market. The devices to as an expensive gimmick by some people, but they became a quick hit, sparking an industry that generates billions of dollars in revenue and offers hundreds of models from which you can choose.

One of the best traits of smartphones is represented by the fact that they put the best features of the internet within the palm of your hand. Users can perform a vast number of handy tasks, among which we can count the ability to search for relevant information, access their email, or stream their favorite content seamlessly.

Smartphones played a critical more in the rise of the social media platforms, with the most popular one being Facebook. The iconic service anticipated the popularity of the devices and released dedicated apps during the early days, securing the loyalty of many users who didn’t have access to a PC or a laptop.

What’s new in the latest Facebook Messenger update?

To facilitate communication between users, the company decided to release Facebook Messenger. The app includes several features that are quite convenient, and a few highlights can be found below.

There is no need to exchange phone numbers since you can text any Facebook friends with a few taps. Users can also send messages to Facebook users who aren’t on their list of contacts without the need to add them, our friends.

A handy dark mode will keep your eyes safe and help your battery to last longer during late-night chats that may last from a few minutes to several hours. Chatting with people is an enjoyable experience, and some spice can be added with the help of several stickers, funny GIFs, and cute emojis. There is also the option to contact businesses to ask for more information or to make reservations. The Facebook Messenger update comes with bug fixes and performance improvements.



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