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Facebook Messenger – What’s New

We have all seen that Facebook Messenger is crucial for us. We are just one message away from the people we love. It is straightforward to use, and the interface is simple.

What are Facebook Messenger features

  • It’s all about messages – You don’t have to exchange phone numbers with people anymore. You just need their Facebook account. You have dark mode – and this does not require any more details. We all love dark mode on our devices. Changing the background from white to black is just a pleasure for our eyes, especially at night.
  • You can show your reactions to messages, stickers, GIFS, and emojis – It is a way of expressing yourself, after all. You can share photos and videos with the Messenger Camera, or you can choose from your phone’s gallery. There are many filters to enjoy, and you can also share stories.
  • Create groups – You and your friends can have your own group. You can create polls, share your location, and talk all night long.
    Video calls are a thing. You can hang out with your friends, even if you’re apart, with video calls. They are totally free because the app works with a Wi-Fi network or a data plan.
  • Voice messages in case you don’t want to write are life-saving.
  • You can also send money – It’s easy and secure. But keep in mind that this only works in the US, UK, and France. You just need to connect your PayPal account or add your debit card.
  • You can share your location with your friends, in case you don’t find each other, or you want a more natural way to see where your friends are. They are one tap away.
  • Play games with your friends for as long as you want – You can challenge your friends and climb in the leaderboards. But be careful, it is obsessing.

What’s New in Facebook Messenger

The app is redesigned now, so it’s even easier to use. There are currently three tabs: Discover, People, and Chat. Facebook Messenger is available to download from the Google Play Store.



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