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Facebook Lite Version Beta Brings Some Improvements and Bug Fixes

If you want to enjoy the features of what Facebook is offering, but you don’t have enough space or you want to save some space on your device, then Facebook Lite is for you! You can connect with friends and family in the same way you do with Facebook, only that you will have a small app in size. So in this way, you will save space on your device while the app is using the 2G network to work.

Facebook Lite Features

The Facebook Lite is offering you the same feature as the classic Facebook. You can post a status, videos, or photos on your Timeline, give reactions to other posts, join groups, and editing your profile. From the features offered by Facebook Lite, you will have the Facebook Marketplace in which you can buy and sell things.

You will find all the local businesses with the program, pictures, and reviews; the social events feature available in the app, so you can make plans to attend and activity with your friends. All your notifications from comments, posts, and reactions will not pass without you knowing about it.

Moreover, the emoji and memes feature is available in Facebook Lite as well. Practically, everything you have on Facebook, you have in the small app. Don’t forget about the personal organizer for the photos and videos you shared. With Facebook Lite, you share photos straight from the Android camera, while at the same time, you can create a secret photo album with control over who sees it.

Facebook Lite Beta Is Available Now with Improvements

Finally, the Facebook Lite Beta update is now available for download, and you will see improvements for security and high speed in using the app. Of course, the upgrade is bringing bug fix for all the previous problems.




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