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Facebook Lite Update Comes With Performance Improvements

Social media have become quite popular in recent years as more people discovered their favorite platforms. They are especially useful now since the coronavirus pandemic keeps people separate as many strive to respect the norms imposed by social isolation.

While there are several social media platforms available, it can be said that Facebook is the undisputed leader of the segment, with more than 2 billion active users accounts and hundreds of millions of active users each day.

In the early days of smartphones, the company anticipated that the devices would become popular among users and decided to release dedicated apps. The decision was quite inspired as many users enjoyed the experience offered by the standalone app, which was richer and more interactive than using an internet browser.

The New Facebook Lite Update Launched

With the help of a constant series of updates, the Facebook app received new improvements, and it remains the most popular choice for many people. However, it can be quite demanding if older or budget devices are used. Thankfully, there is a solution.

Those who have a device with lower specs have the option to download Facebook Lite, a version of the standard app which was created with performance in mind.

Facebook Lite retains many of the features that make the classic app popular while also coming with some extra perks. It requires a small amount of space for installation and can work even in areas where only a 2G connection is available, two boons that can make a difference for many users who live in remote zones.

Use the app to find and add new friends. Stay in touch with loved ones by sharing interesting posts and a bit of fun with emojis. The app will display notifications when friends interact with your posts or share their own content. The Facebook Lite update comes with new performance improvements.



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