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Facebook Lite Is Available With Performance Improvements

Despite its issues and privacy leaks, Facebook remains the most popular social network. Facebook app for both Android and iOS is also top-rated, totaling hundreds of millions of users. Facebook Lite, for its part, is another asset coming from Facebook. Now, Facebook Lite launched with stability and performance improvements.

Facebook Lite Features

Facebook app for Android and iOS is excellent, and it mimics the mechanisms of the original, web-based Facebook on Windows and Mac. However, the application is eating lots of resources and consumes data. To address that, the Facebook team launched Facebook Lite that is faster and much economic on low and mid-range devices.

Besides, Facebook Lite provides everything that the original Facebook app offers. With it, you can search for friends, chat with them, share statuses, photos, and vids, follow your favorite content, search for local places and businesses, read the news, and much more.

Facebook Lite helps you stay connected to the novelties in the world, as well as with your contacts, but without consuming much mobile data and resources. Accordingly, Facebook Lite is ideal for low and mid-range devices that don’ have enough RAM or a powerful CPU to sustain the original Facebook app.

What’s New In Facebook Lite

While many Facebook Lite updates bring some visual changes or new features, that’s not the case for the latest Facebook Lite version.

The new Facebook Lite update comes with only some under the hood changes. Accordingly, it brings some stability and performance improvements, along with a series of bug fixes. You can already download the Facebook Lite version from the Google Play Store or as an APK file if you prefer that solution.

Facebook Lite is working the best on low and mid-range smartphones, but it’s also ideal on high-end devices if you prefer to consume less mobile data.



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