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Facebook Launched Hobbi, A Pinterest-like Application

Facebook may be the biggest social media platform in the world, but the giant company is always looking forward to the release of new apps and features that could attract new and old users alike. Hobbi is an experimental Pinterest-like photo and video sharing app that can be used to capture and share exciting moments related to hobbies or personal projects.

Some users will feel that Pinterest may have inspired select elements but t is more than a place to pin exciting ideas. Users can organize their photos into specialized collections, which allow them and other people to observe how they progress over time.

Interestingly, most of the traditional social media hooks don’t make an appearance, with the most sophisticated feature being the ability to create video highlights that can be shared with friends after you complete the objects.

More about Hobbi, the new app from Facebook

The Hobbi app is more similar to a media editor and organizer. Still, in a world where most platforms tend to overwhelm users with exciting but ultimately extra features, it may seem to be like a breath of fresh air.

Tangi, an app that sports most of the featured offered by Hobbi, was released by Google’s Area 120 Incubator decision, and it also focuses on arts, crafts, and DIY content. However, the app takes a different approach with a focus on short videos, and it can be compared with a refined form of TikTok that relies on DIY highlights.

The fact that two majors companies released such a specialized type of may infer that a niche can be created, even if Pinterest will remain the default choice for many veteran users. Two other experimental apps that have been released by Facebook remain available. Bump can be used to make new friends, while Aux is a social music app. A third one was shut down.



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