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Facebook is Preparing Its Own Operating System

Without a doubt, Facebook deserves its place in the ‘big four’ of the tech companies, along Amazon, Google, and Apple. While Zuckerberg’s social network started with small steps back in 2004, it evolved tremendously, and it continues to have a lot to offer to its users.

But Facebook now prepares to improve in an area that doesn’t necessarily concern the users. The company aims to be as independent as possible, so it will develop its own operating system. The news has been brought to the public by The Information.

No more Android

If Facebook chooses to stick with its own operating system, it implies to get rid of Android as a charger for its hardware. The Menlo Park-based company has been using the operating system created by Google for the involvement in the Virtual Reality field, as well as for devices used for video calling.

Facebook admits that it doesn’t trust its competitors, so that’s one of the reasons for the development of its own OS. And it’s really reasonable – after all, why on Earth would you use a rival’s operating system for your gadgets? Since Facebook and Google are fighting for supremacy, it’s easy to understand why the company from Menlo Park doesn’t want to use Android anymore, which is created by Google.

We really want to make sure the next generation has space for us. We don’t think we can trust the marketplace or competitors to ensure that’s the case. And so we’re gonna do it ourselves.

Former Microsoft employee will manage the project

It’s somehow ironic that the guy found by Facebook to manage the project is a former Microsoft employee. His name is Mark Lucovsky, who had a contribution to the development of the Windows NT operating system. It was released more than a quarter of a century ago, in 1993.



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