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Facebook Improves its Messenger App

Facebook keeps continuing to hold its position as an insanely popular social network that provides numerous useful features for its users. Facebook is not just a social network – it can be a marketplace, a world where you can find people interested in the same topics as you, and so on.

But one key feature that Facebook offers to its users is the Messenger app. It’s a real gold mine since it can connect you to pretty much anyone in the world that also has the app installed.

New update arrives in several weeks

Facebook will improve its famous Messenger app by getting rid of the chat bots and the Discover page that shows games, shopping opportunities, and others. Also, once the app is redesigned, it will have two available tabs: People and Chat, without any other annoying content.

As you might have already guessed, Facebook Messenger will focus a lot more on what it was destined to be: the chatting part. Whether you want to chat with friends, co-workers, or your family members, the process will become a lot more comfortable.

Where will the extra content go?

If you’ll still be willing to use the games or go for online shopping within the app after the update kicks in, it’s good to know that the features won’t disappear for good. You’ll be able to find them once you tap them in the search bar.

It’s nice to see that the developers from Facebook understood that people use messaging apps for dealing with messages and not to be distracted by all sorts of extra content. And the upcoming update is even more praiseworthy considering that Facebook owns another messaging app that is insanely popular – we’re talking about WhatsApp, of course.

However, it’s fabulous how the Facebook company (including WhatsApp and Instagram) is continuing its ascension over the years. And it doesn’t show any signs that it wants to stop, either.



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