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Facebook Finally Launches Dark Mode For The Desktop Version

Facebook has implemented the dark mode theme for desktop users as well, even though this new feature may not be accessible for everybody. It can be acquired via the Settings button situated in the Menu, where users can turn it off as well whenever they desire.
The dark-mode trend for computer users has been subject to numerous tests.

The American online social media and social networking service promised to its customers an elegant and quicker platform during last spring’s conference. After this announcement, a small number of users started evaluating the brand-new night theme in January this year.

The dark mode comes to the Facebook desktop version

As an advertising campaign, desktop users are asked if they would like to test the new dark mode of the Facebook page. This advertisement usually appears at the top of the page. Later this year, the “New Facebook” will become the standard design, even though right now, users still have the option to revert to “Classic Facebook.”

Apart from the new appearance of Facebook, there are other upgrades such as Groups, Marketplace, Gaming, and Facebook Watch. However, the public opinion states the fact that users are highly susceptible to the newly rising changes in the interface. On a larger scale, dark mode is prone to gain a wide range of positive reviews.

The benefits of the dark mode on Facebook

The dark display mode is already available for Web surfers to try in almost all applications owned by Facebook, such as WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram.

Nonetheless, apart from an interesting appearance, are there any other benefits users gain from using the dark mode? Well, during the coronavirus pandemic people are reduced to spending more time at home, which automatically implies more social media. Therefore, making use of dark mode should help to prevent eyestrain.



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