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Facebook Adds “Quiet Mode” For A Better Time Managements For Users

Facebook developers have brought on the market a new upgrade for their users. The app now features a “Quiet Mode,” which has recently been added to the mobile application. It is available for both iOS and Android devices, and the fans are stating that it was launched at a proper time.

During the lockdown period, more and more people are reduced to home isolation as a response to the coronavirus attack. Therefore, the most present activities nowadays are involving our gadgets. However, being too connected to social media might have disadvantages as well, even though it may reduce boredom.

About the new Quiet Mode of Facebook

The Quiet Mode acts as a countdown. The users set the period that he desires to enable the feature, and all the notifications are blocked during the period requested. Users can quickly see how much time they still need to wait before the app is ready again to be used when clicking on the app’s interface.

If this sounds like a punishment and at a time you might need to use the Facebook app, you can easily click on the button “Manage Quiet Mode” and disable the feature. However, the users will still need to pass through a series of security questions to regain access to the app.
Additionally, not all the notifications from Facebook are disabled while opting for this feature. It is illegal to stop the spreading of announcements concerning security alerts or privacy issues.

Nonetheless, all the notifications regarding comments, timeline posts, messenger texts, or new posts will not be displayed during the Quiet Mode. The activities are still displayed in the notifications bar. The only difference is that there is no sound presented while the mode is enabled.

The Quiet Mode can be enabled when entering the Hamburger menu tab displayed on the Facebook app. After that, all you have to do is click on “Your Time on Facebook” and select the “Quiet Mode.”



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