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Facebook Update Rolled Out With Some Improvements

Fifteen years have passed since four students released Facebook. The platform aimed to offer Harvard attendants the ability to interact with their peers and make new friends.

Other social platforms were popular within the same timeframe, but Facebook grew at an exponential rate. After a time, the owners allowed people who attend other Ivy League universities and higher forms of education to join the platform, and the user base continued to expand.

In 2006 the young company decided to remove almost all of the membership restrictions. Any person who is 13 years or older and has a valid email account can join Facebook for free. Facebook has stated in the past that the social media platform will remain free forever.

When smartphones started to become popular, Facebook anticipated the potential of a new segment and decided to release standalone apps that can be used to access the service. The Facebook app offers a rich selection of useful features. Read below to learn more about them.

Facebook features

  • Facebook friends – Join the platform and add your friends and family like friends. Meet new people and rekindle old friendships with a few taps.
  • Share your activities – Post status updates to let your friends know what are you doing or how are you feeling.
  • Smile for the camera – Upload and share your favorite pictures and videos seamlessly.
  • Notifications – Receive notifications when friends interact with your posts or share something new. Leave comments and use funny emojis, exciting GIFs, and reactions to show you feel about a particular topic.
  • Exciting events – Create or find social events, make reservations, and coordinate your friends for an excellent experience.
  • Show your skill – Play a variety of games and beat the scores of your friends as you climb through the leaderboards.
  • Chase the trends – Follow your favorite celebrities, brands, and companies to receive the freshest news.

Facebook update brings enhancements

The latest update, Facebook, comes with new performance improvements. You can already download the version from the Google Play Store.



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