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‘Exit the Gungeon’ is Coming Soon for PC and Consoles

Exit the Gungeon has been recently released to the public on September 19th last year. Being a spin-off for the more notorious game Enter the Gungeon, it was expected to be a great success. However, things might have gotten better when it comes to the number of downloads, but the game has been released only for the Apple Arcade subscription service. This means that it has been available only for devices created by Apple, but things will change pretty soon.

The developer Dodge Roll has just made the big announcement: Exit the Gungeon will soon become available for “PC and consoles early this year”. Since the company didn’t give other details, we can take the obvious guess that “consoles” can only mean the classic ones: PS4, Xbox One, and maybe Nintendo Switch. As for the release date, it’s most likely that the game is arriving until March.

Available also for PS5 and Xbox Series X?

With PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X expected to be released in late December, it’s safe to assume that Exit the Gungeon will also be present on these consoles. The game doesn’t demand any powerful hardware at all, so the only problem is if its developers will give their consent to be played on the next-gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft.

2020 might be the best year ever for the gaming industry since Sony and Microsoft are releasing their ultimate and next-generation consoles. Two of the world’s biggest gaming console manufacturers are competing into bringing to the public the best consoles ever made. Sony is coming with PlayStation 5, while Microsoft brings Xbox Series X. Both are arriving around Christmas and are announced to pack extremely powerful hardware. Voice assistant, haptic controllers, no loading screens during games, and many others are the key features that at least one of the two consoles will be having.

Exit the Gungeon is being co-developed by Dodge Roll Games and Singlecore Games.




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