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Epic Privacy Browser to Convert Any Article Into Audio on Android Only

Android can now enjoy the title of the most popular mobile operating system based entirely on Linux. Users can customize Android and try lots of apps, as the operating system comprises the most of the app availability than the other systems. On the Play Store, various apps can be utilized for lots of purposes. So far, users got endless tips and tricks to try, but none about reading long articles and posts. Sometimes you can’t keep the track with reading articles, so you might prefer ‘listening’ to them. The following method works flawlessly for converting a whole article into an audio file, and it uses the Epic Privacy Browser.

How to Convert Any Article Into An Audio File Efficiently

Epic Privacy Web Browser is an Android web browser that will help you convert whole articles into audio files. The browser is also the first-ever tool to read lots of webpages. So, if this app is new for you, you’ll be amazed by its features. Before finding out how to download, install, and use the Epic Privacy Web Browser, make sure you have a steady Internet connection for the best results:

  • Go to Google Play Store and search the Epic Privacy Web Browser;
  • Install the browser;
  • Open the app and ‘Accept & Continue;’
  • You will notice the ‘Welcome’ page of the browser;
  • Choose any article you want to convert into an audio file
  • Tap on the three dots menu and select the ‘Add to Audio Queque’ feature;
  • Tap again on the three dots menu and choose the ‘Audio Queue;’
  • There, you will see the article ready for listening;
  • Tap on the ‘Play’ icon, and you’ll enjoy a great audio file.
  • Try again with another article. The experience is unlimited.

In the Epic Privacy Browser, the built-in audio player will automatically play the audio files. The method mentioned above can be utilized for converting any article you want into an audio file on Android.



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