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Enpass vs. 1Password – Best UI and Features Comparison

In recent years public awareness related to the security of personal data has started to grow exponentially. Many people strive to keep their PC safe from a variety of threats but tend to forget that their smartphone is also a vulnerable target.

One of the choices which can be made to improve the security of your smartphone is to pick up a great password manner. The app will be able to handle all the login credentials without the compromising the security of your accounts or the need to remember several passwords.

To help you make the right decision, we will compare two of the most popular password managers for smartphones: Enpass and 1Password.

The tech sheet

On iOS Enpass is the lighter of the two apps at 66.5MB while 1Password will take 112. Both apps are considerably smaller on Android, with 1Password requiring 43MB while Enpass needs 34MB. It is important to note that both apps are available across a large selection of platforms, among which we can count Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux. Extensions are also available for popular browsers like Firefox, Chrome, and Edge.

The UI

In this department, both apps strive to replicate the signature looks of specific platforms. The Android versions will sport the famous Material Design theme while the iOS equivalent harnesses the default functionality of the bottom bar staple.

Both apps offer streamlined access to a variety of useful features. They look great and are quite easy to use without the need to search for extensive tutorials.


While both apps share some features, among which we can count the ability to generate apps, create and use different password vaults, autofill, and much more. 1Password is set apart by two-factor authentication and a Watchtower feature which notifies users when important sites were breached.


Each service employs robust security protocols and allows users to back-up the data to keep it safe.

The right one

Each app has strong points. While 1Passowrd offers more features, Enpass is cheaper the long run, with both being a great choice for anyone.



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