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Enemies Killed by Goku in The Dragon Ball Franchise

There’s no denying that Goku is a good guy, and he only kills his opponents when it’s absolutely necessary. The mighty Saiyan even showed mercy to his fiercest enemies, as even his long time rival Vegeta acknowledges. However, the Saiyan Prince himself also fell into that category in the past.

But Goku isn’t a saint, although he saved the world several times. He has a high appetite for fighting, and wouldn’t hesitate to hurt his sparring partner in order to test his skills. Furthermore, Goku killed several opponents in Dragon Ball, and we’re ready to present the most important ones.

King Piccolo

When he was just a kid, Goku brutally killed King Piccolo, the most terrifying villain that ever walked the surface of Earth at that time. King Piccolo was aiming to take over the world and spread chaos and injustice across the streets. Nobody could stand a chance against the monster at that point, but Goku as always found a way to surpass his limits. By killing the monster, Goku managed to avenge some of his friends. Master Roshi, Krillin, and Yamcha were killed at the order of King Piccolo.


Goku indirectly killed Raditz by holding him still in order to get pierced by Piccolo’s Special Beam Cannon. Goku also sacrificed himself in the process, and he had a serious reason once again: Raditz was eager to kill all life forms from Earth. However, the event still counts for a kill, and there’s worth mentioning that Raditz was Goku’s older brother. Along with Goku, Vegeta, and Nappa, Raditz was one of the only Saiyans left alive. Their planet was destroyed long ago by Frieza, which reminds us of a battle that Goku didn’t really finish on time.

Golden Frieza

Goku defeated Frieza on Namek during their first fight from Dragon Ball Z, but nobody was killed. Frieza was killed later under the hands of Trunks. But the former intergalactic tyrant came back from the dead later, as it was revived by his soldiers using the dragon balls. Goku fought Frieza again in the Dragon Ball Super anime when both characters were literally thousands of times stronger than before. Goku loses this time after a sneaky attack of one of Frieza’s soldiers, and Vegeta steps into the scene to settle the score with his old “friend”. Vegeta was just millimeters away from becoming the hero for once, but Frieza destroyed the whole planet with a single blow. Luckily enough, Whis’ time-reverse technique saved the situation and restored the Earth, and Goku stepped in and finished the job once and for all. By firing a devastating Kamehameha wave at Frieza, the villain was sent back to Hell to be tormented by teddy bears and pretty girls dancing around him.


After a tough fight between Super Saiyan 4 Goku and Baby in Dragon Ball GT, the villain tried to run as far away from Earth as he can with his spaceship. The Super Saiyan 4 was the strongest transformation ever at that point in the Dragon Ball series. Goku got the job done by firing his iconic Kamehameha wave directly into Baby’s spaceship. The wave blasted the spacecraft and pushed it into the Sun. It all melted along with the villain that had the funniest name in the Dragon Ball series.

There are also some honorable mentions regarding opponents that Goku killed. Tambourine was one of King Piccolo’s henchmen back when Goku was just a kid. The mighty Saiyan managed to kill the fiend with a Kamehameha wave. We can also mention Yakon, an opponent Goku had to face in the Buu arc from Dragon Ball Z. Our hero killed him by simply powering up and overwhelming his opponent with more power than he can handle.

Feel free to tell us about your favorite victory that Goku ever had!



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