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EA Might Bring Free Game Upgrades For PS5 and Xbox Series X

As the transitioning from current generation consoles to the future ones will happen soon, we might be surprised to find out what some game studios have in store for us. According to Nibel’s tweet, EA is thinking of bringing some free game titles for the next-gen of consoles, the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

The tweet is connected somehow to Games Radar, which seems to know more about EA’s plans. According to it, the game studio confirms that all the next games would be upgraded for the much-awaited consoles, PS5 and Xbox Series X.

EA’s Plans to Release Free Game Upgrades for PS5 and Xbox Series X

The EA CEO stated that the game studio would be releasing only some games for the current versions of consoles. He claimed that since life for those consoles will soon find an end, EA is taking some chances and will try its hand on new grounds. Players who will get those games won’t have to purchase them again. This news is mainly a hassle when it comes to the time frame of the release.

Given this, the next-gen consoles would be launched sometime around the holidays. Consequently, games such as FIFA will be released around September and October. This fact would make a disparity since players would want to obtain the game title and get it on the future console, as well.

Now, we wonder what EA actually meant with that statement. Could the game studio be talking to a backward compatibility platform? If it turns out to be accurate, then wouldn’t it be unnecessary to add this if both consoles will get that. Also, would it be only for digital buying? So many questions and other thoughts, and so little information. It’s probably the best if we wait until EA decides to release more details. As far as EA is involved, nothing is ever for free.



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