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DualSense: haptic feedback and adaptive triggers Details

The PS 5 console is coming out this year, and fans are very exciting about it. However, Sony is very reserved when it comes to giving information away about the upcoming beast console. So far, we heard of the amazing new SSD technology and the internal specifications. However, nothing more was shared officially.

The question remaining is: what about the physical form of the console system?

Looking at its competitor, Microsoft has been very opened about the upcoming Xbox Series X console. All the strong points were on flick.

But one thing that Sony did reveal is the controller: the DualSense. When it comes to this device that will accompany the PS 5 console, there are two features that will change the player’s game experience. The first feature is the adaptive triggers, and the second feature is the haptic feedback.

The upcoming DualSense shape is very similar to the previous version of the DualShock 4 controller. This is good news because the player won’t have to get used to the buttons and sticks since they are in the same location. However, the design of the DualSense controller is a bit changed. Sony engineers made the upcoming controller a bit chunkier than its predecessor. That is to make it fit for any hand size.

But the feature that will really make a difference in the DualSense controller is the haptic feedback. And to back it up, Sony introduced the adaptive triggers. This would complement the haptic feedback with a precise reaction. In simple words, it means that you can literally be able to feel the thrum of a vehicle’s engine if you play a car racing video game. Now, this will make your game experience amazing.

The DualSense controller also features new haptic voice-coil actuators. Which just adds up to make the game experience better.



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