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Dreams 2.11 Update – Patch Notes And More

The patch notes for the new Dreams 2.11 update have been finally released. Though they are not very extensive, they’re certainly a nice touch for clearing up the newly added features and introduce the Welcome Garden Gameplay Pack. Also, a new level cap was added, so we hope we don’t hit that anytime soon.

What Is New?

The new pack introduced some toys in Create mode that are compatible with the garden theme and anterior packs. We appreciate the developer’s continuous support that keeps creating unique and creative experiences.

The level cap was increased to 999. However, that shouldn’t be a problem unless you are a hardcore player that can’t stop playing Dreams. Still, the new level cap is high enough to keep you occupied for a while.

A new “Recommended Dreamers” row was added to showcase popular creators. That should also help players find a more consistent and enjoyable stream of content instead of trying random options until they discover a decent creation.

Another addition is the “Irrelevant” tag, which lets players tag off-topic content in Community Jams. It should help avoid spam or irrelevant creations generally.

Patch Notes

Here are some of the essential patch notes:

Garden Gameplay Pack: The pack introduced new toys to create mode to aid the Welcome Garden Ard and Character packs.

Recommended Dreamers have been added. That feature will allow players to find quality content that they will likely enjoy playing.

Update to DreamSurfing banners: That update will allow players to modify in-game banners efficiently and quickly, so those community creations get highlighted if they deserve it.

Also, the new update added some minor fixes that improve the game’s overall stability. Some bugs and glitches have been patched.

It looks like the developer is aiming to please its fans with each new update. Time has proven that listening to fans is the way to go when it comes to introducing game updates.



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