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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: Watch the Scene when Krillin Helps Cell

We are on the last day of the year, and Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is just around the corner. While most Dragon Ball fans are excited because of another fighting game about their favorite anime being launched, we must say that the new title will bring much more to the public besides fighting. Dragon Ball Z is not the most successful anime of all time for no reason. Except for the outstanding and tense fighting scenes, it also offers plenty of humor, a surprising turn of events, character development, and so on.

The Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot game will not be different than the anime, as we’ve seen already from the numerous trailers. The developers are planning to recreate the anime very faithfully, and now we have even another reason to believe so.

Krillin messed it up again

Krillin is the reason for laughter in many DBZ memes across the internet. He is viewed as a weak and fearful fighter. He doesn’t have this reputation for no reason, and Dragon Ball Z Kakarot recreated one of his weakest moments from the anime:

And no, letting yourself kissed by a girl is not an act of weakness, but what that moment actually meant in the anime is the main issue. Krillin had the chance to disable Android 18 with the push of a button, and that would have meant the much easier defeat of Cell, the villain who gave the Z warriors the battle of their life. Instead, Krillin couldn’t push the button because he fell in love with Android 18 due to the kiss received from the deadly robot.

How was Cell defeated?

Piccolo, Vegeta, Future Trunks, and even Goku failed in their attempts of defeating Cell. The ultimate android managed to achieve his final and most powerful form when he absorbed Android 18. It took for Gohan’s intense training, fierce fight, and the unlocking of his most profound potential in order to defeat Cell, who at that time has been the most powerful villain ever to terrorize the Earth. And even the battle between Gohan and Cell has been recreated in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot and revealed to us most beautifully: with emphasis on the epic Kamehameha clash that led to the death of Cell.




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