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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot – Watch New Story Mode Cutscenes Involving Gohan, Future Trunks, and Others

If you didn’t hear already that there’s a new Dragon Ball Z game coming soon for PC and consoles, too bad for you. It will feature not only fighting but also plenty of moments recreated faithfully from the anime. What could a Dragon Ball fan possibly want more from a fighting game about his favorite anime?

After numerous footage already released by the developers of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, another video is out and ready to delight us:

If you are ready to guide Goku and his friends to defeat evil opponents like Frieza or the androids, you can do it starting January 17 when the game will be launched.

Gohan’s tremendous hidden power

At least one of the cutscenes is clearly suggesting Gohan’s crucial role in the anime. Since he was just a little boy, the son of Goku had tremendous power, but he wasn’t quite able to control it. Gohan was kidnapped and trained by Piccolo, who was nothing else than pure evil at that time. The Namekian needed Gohan’s power to defeat the evil Saiyans Vegeta and Nappa that were awaited to land on Earth. Gohan put up a decent fight against them, and afterwards he has been teaching some manners to much more powerful villains like Garlic Jr., Frieza, Cell, and even Majin Buu after he stole the power of Piccolo and Gotenks.

Gohan has been firstly trained by Piccolo, and the two warriors later became best friends. From the cold and ruthless monster that Piccolo was, he actually gave his life for Gohan in the battle against Nappa and completed one of the most beautiful moments from the anime. Later on in the series, Gohan became even stronger than his father Goku, and was able to save humanity several times from total annihilation.

Are you capable of making Gohan defeat even more opponents in the Dragon Ball Z Kakarot game?



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