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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: Watch First Gameplay Trailer for The New DLC – Goku vs. Beerus

At three months after its release for PC, Xbox One, and PS4, the Dragon Ball Z Kakarot game managed to conquer the hearts of many fans of the related anime. And now the game brought up its first DLC entitled ‘A New Power Awakens – Part 1’, which is available through Season Pass starting today.

The DLC brings godly powers to Goku and Vegeta. The two Saiyan rivals will have the chance to boost up to Super Saiyan God transformations, and challenge the God of Destruction Beerus.

Can Beerus be defeated?

We know from the anime that Beerus is outrageously strong, but how strong is he actually in the game? A newly released video tries to show us just what awaits those willing to run the DLC for Dragon Ball Z Kakarot:

Judging by the ‘Part 1’ from the title of the DLC, we can surely hope that a second part will arrive soon. What it will bring new is any Dragon Ball fan’s guess: the upgrade to Super Saiyan Blue (formerly known as Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan) along with the most powerful transformation of Frieza, as he becomes ‘Golden’.

The arrival of the Super Saiyan God in the Dragon Ball franchise meant a tremendous upgrade in power for the old Super Saiyan forms. Goku achieved the Super Saiyan God form after 5 other Super Saiyans made a specific ritual, uniting their powers. Then, Goku was able to stand a chance against Beerus. Otherwise, even his Super Saiyan 3 state was nothing compared to Beerus’ strength.

On the other hand, Vegeta achieved the Super Saiyan God form on his own, as you probably already guessed. Veggie proved in the 2018 movie with Broly that he achieved the Super Saiyan God form, although some fans believed that the Prince of all Saiyans skipped the transformation right to the Super Saiyan Blue form.

Feel free and check out the DLC and your fighting skills against Beerus!




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