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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: Vegeta’s Respect for Goku – Watch Trailer

Goku is the protagonist of the new Dragon Ball Z Kakarot game, as the title itself suggests. But our beloved hero had to go a long road and to face many opponents before he becomes the savior of the planet. Since he was a child, he was very strong and always ready to protect his friends. But maybe above all, he never stopped training.

It’s true that Goku isn’t a smart guy, and Vegeta has been calling him a “clown” several times in the anime. The Sayian Prince always wanted to surpass him, making this the goal of his life. But in the Buu Saga, Vegeta finally acknowledged the superiority of the one he has always been calling ‘Kakarot’. Dragon Ball Z Kakarot recreated that moment as well, and we can see it here:

It’s true that some lines had been greatly changed, but the idea remains the same. Goku finally received the respect of Vegeta, who evolved tremendously since he first came to Earth.

From space pirate to husband and father

Vegeta came to Earth from his planet with the single purpose of destroying it, along with the Z warriors. He was ruthless beyond belief, killing even his henchman Nappa because he failed against Goku. But Vegeta’s plan has been stopped by Goku – after a long battle between the two Sayians, Vegeta is forced to return to his planet severely injured and rethink his strategy. Being very hurt both physically and in his pride, Vegeta could think only about taking his revenge.

But after many years, Vegeta met Bulma and had a child with her, named Trunks. From the evil Sayian Price, love found a place in Vegeta’s heart and slowly he became a decent father for his child.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is available for PC, Xbox One and PS4 starting tomorrow, January 17.



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