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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: Stop the Saiyan Invasion – Details and Tips

From 17 January 2020, we have Goku and his friends back in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot and on consoles. Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is now an action game in the form of an RPG, and even from the title, you can guess about the adventures of the anime. Everything will be starting from the Saiyan until the saga reaches the end of the arc, Boo. We will show you in this article everything we know about Episode 1: Stop the Saiyan Invasion.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarote: Stop the Saiyan Invasion – Details and Tips

The title is clearly suggesting that the Saiyan saga will begin the first arc of the game, and besides that, an attack by the Saiyans will happen. You will first start the game with a combat tutorial, and you will fight against Piccolo. The tutorial is teaching you the basic commands, and if you win the combat, you will receive a trophy called Opponent of the past with some rewards as well. As a gift, you will receive the Bronze compass, the Silk apron, the Book for Adults, the Sophisticated urn, and the Sacred Text of Martial Arts.

Moreover, after the tutorial, you will start your first mission alongside Son Gohan. The task is to collect apples, and Gohan is the one that will find the apple trees. The threes will glow, so you just need to approach them, and the apples will be yours. The next task will be to go fishing, and you must take Son Gohan with you, of course.

The map will show you the fishing spot, go there, and then follow the instructions. It will be a time when you will get hungry, and for that, you will use the campfire for cooking and resting. If you want to prepare a meal, use the list and provide the ingredients from the recipe.

However, the thing will get interesting after some time, two soul emblems with Son Goku and Son Gohan will be yours, and a new tutorial will appear. The purpose is to learn about the objects from the Community menu. After that, you will talk to Son Gohan, and you must make a decision. You can explore the area for a bit, or go home. Our advice is to go back because you will take control of the magic cloud. Chichi will welcome you at home, and the possibility to prepare a real meal is open.

Besides that, when you are at home, you can search the area for your first memory, the marked stone near the library. When you find it, the Encyclopedia-Z will unlock and receive a new trophy called Learn more. Speak with both Chichi and Son Gohan for getting his soul emblem. After that, you can visit the Great Turtle and present Son Gohan. Once you arrived at the Great Turtle Island, you will speak with Krilin, a Turtle Training Manual will unlock, plus a new Soul emblem with the Great Turtle will be yours. With this, you will have access to the adult community.

Final Words

To sum up, during the game, a blue exclamation point icon will appear. This means that the secondary stories are available so that you can talk to the Turtle for the Sacred Treasure of the Great Turtle. If you are in the area, search behind the house for a souvenir called A gift of Great Tortoise and inside the house for the sacred text of martial arts.

You can unlock the training camp if you speak to Krilin again, and you should test it immediately. In the training camp, you will learn how to counterattack, defense, dodge, and teleport yourself. Also, a trophy called Emerging Power will be yours.

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