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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: New Spectacular Trailer of Buu Saga

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is on its way to PC and console owners, and the developers are not hesitating to tease us with new footage from the game. This time a brand new trailer has been released, which presents us the Buu Saga from the game. And it looks like the creators are respecting pretty much the unfolding of the story from the anime. Kid Buu is expected to arrive as a final boss in the story mode, which is exactly in accordance with what Akira Toryiama wrote.

The trailer for Buu Saga is spectacular, it surely can sensitize any Dragon Ball fan, and you can convince yourself below:

Along with the legendary “We Gotta Power” soundtrack, the trailer presents the Z fighters trying to stop the evil Majin Buu from getting his diabolical plans done. He was the strongest villain from Dragon Ball Z, and the game is presenting that very well as long as Goku and Vegeta needed to fuse into Vegito, Vegeta sacrificed himself, and Goku went Super Sayian 3.

Vegito is only at the standard Super Sayian level

As we have guessed, Vegito will not achieve the much stronger Super Sayian Blue form as in Dragon Ball Super. He will only be at the standard Super Sayian level, with the traditionally gold hair. Even so, that was enough to get Majin Buu to see Hell unleashed in the anime, and we can only expect the same in the Dragon Ball Z Kakarot game.

Vegeta’s sacrifice looks even better

We predicted well that Vegeta’s sacrifice from the anime will also be implemented, and the best news is that it looks even more awesome in the game. That was perhaps the most beautiful moment from all the Dragon Ball series – Vegeta, the former villain who came to Earth to destroy it, deliberately decides to sacrifice himself for the whole mankind.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot will be available next year on January 16 for PS4, Xbox One, and Windows.



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